learner centered. teacher nurtured.

Slate School’s Writer-in-Residence describes our unique, joyful education.

The child longs to understand the world, and there are many things to learn. As we follow the eye of the child across the landscape, a myriad of opportunities for exploration and learning emerge. Some may align exactly with the goals considered by the educator, while others lead the learner and the facilitating teacher to new and even greater discovery. Throughout, in this learner-centered environment, the learners — both adult and child — are fully engaged in the search for meaning and understanding. This journey is always fruitful and often digs to a surprising depth. The children are interested in innately curious, and they have great capacity for learning.


curiosity driven

At Slate School, we are all teachers and learners. Our teachers facilitate the children’s learning through their curiosities, wonderings, and interests.


We are all teachers and Learners.

Slate School’s Curator describes the unique role of child-centered and curiosity-driven learning.