At Slate School, education is focused on cultivating creativity, fostering ingenuity, and inspiring a deep passion for lifelong learning. Slate School is changing the landscape of education to inspire and nurture children as creative thinkers and curious learners.


Slate School nurtures each child's natural love for learning. Our teachers are experts in early childhood education, and they are passionate about supporting and learning creatively with their students. They embrace each child's curiosity, and facilitate each child's learning journey within a student-centered program. Slate School's community promotes the love of the journey itself, and through the exposure of diverse, enriching, and unique childhood experiences, enables each child to discover and explore his or her own path.

Slate School draws from powerful influences, old and new, and recombines these influences with cutting-edge research and leaders in child psychology and pedagogy.

Community and Core Values

Slate School utilizes the Responsive Classroom approach to build social and emotional competencies, including cooperation, empathy, and responsibility in support of Slate School's central tenets of kindness, integrity, and respect. All members of the Slate School community adopt and practice these fundamental values, which are reinforced and reflected throughout the school day. While children learn to read, write, speak, count, and think scientifically about the world, they also learn to value our four foundational ideas: friendship, forgiveness, for others, and gratitude.

All children are engaged in reflection and goal setting. Early in the academic year, all learners identify their longterm goals, and they then craft mini goals and commitments toward achieving their hopes and dreams. These goals and commitments are shared with the classroom community for encouragement and as a daily reminder of our purpose.

Families are a valued part of the school community, and they are encouraged to walk their children into the school, openly dialogue with the teachers about their child's progress, and spend time volunteering and sharing their own interests and expertise in the classroom. Additionally, friends of Slate School engage in activities with our students, often sharing their interests, and learning as part of our wider community.