Slate School cultivates creativity, fosters ingenuity, and inspires a deep passion for lifelong learning and discovery. Slate School’s priority is that each child’s innate and natural love for learning be nurtured and encouraged to flourish.


Slate School's teachers are experts in early childhood education, and they are passionate about supporting and creatively instructing their students. They embrace each child's creativity and curiosity, and the children joyfully learn through an inquiry-based and child-centered program.

Far too often, society focuses on the destination, always preparing for the next school, test, or college. Slate School’s community promotes the love of the journey itself, and through the exposure of diverse, enriching, and unique childhood experiences, enables one to discover and explore his or her own path.

Slate School draws from powerful influences, old and new, and recombines these influences with cutting-edge research and leaders in child psychology and pedagogy.


Each child, teacher, and family is expected to demonstrate compassion, kindness, integrity, and respect for others and for their environment. The school provides a peaceful environment that offers a comfortable and safe place to learn.

Families are a valued part of the school community, and they are encouraged to walk their children into the school, openly dialogue with the teachers about their child's progress, and spend time volunteering and sharing their own interests and expertise in the classroom. On an annual basis, each child's family is invited to optionally give a short presentation in their child's classroom about something of interest to them, whether a rich anecdote from their own family history, or stories from their career, or any other number of age-appropriate sharing opportunities.