Slate School is an independent, co-educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit elementary school that cultivates creativity, fosters ingenuity, and inspires a deep passion for lifelong learning and discovery. Slate School offers a rigorous academic curriculum within a nurturing, joyful, and creative environment. Slate School’s mission and priority is that each child’s innate and natural love for learning be nurtured and enabled to grow and flourish. Slate School is a K-6 elementary school located in North Haven, and residents of any town may apply.


Slate School Experience

Slate School infuses creativity and curiosity into every aspect of a child's educational experience. The children are inspired and motivated to ask their own questions, and their own inquiries become the basis of their everyday learning. 

Child-Centered and Curiosity-Driven Learning

Expectations for student growth in Slate School’s curiosity-driven classrooms are both developmentally-appropriate and rigorous. Student achievement targets are thoughtfully designed to provide a framework for excellence in all academic areas. Growth is measured through the observation of skills in practice, during presentation, and from ongoing portfolio review. These methods of assessment provide excellent understanding of progress and serve the dual purpose of informing instructional next steps for teachers, while providing natural opportunity for student reflection and subsequent personal goal setting.

Through this unique, unconstrained, and passionate approach to learning, Slate School's children are nurtured to become the future changemakers, leaders, learners, and educators of tomorrow.