Creativity and Play: Honoring Childhood

Respect for the child is at the heart of our mission. Slate School’s students are embraced in a safe and nurturing community of lifelong, joyful learners. Each child embarks on guided discoveries which are designed intentionally and lovingly to excite and motivate the children, and to nurture each child’s innate love for learning. Slate School believes that offering students the time to make meaningful choices about their learning is central to their success. Therefore, every activity in the Slate School classroom has a purpose that can be understood and appreciated by the child as well as by the teacher.

Children's learning flourishes through creative expression, rich language, hands-on activities, and play-based learning, which are at the core of every activity at Slate School. Passionate learning is continuous, fluid, and inspiring.

Time is built into every component of the day for exploration and tinkering. All of the students have opportunities to choose their own deep investigations and project work. The result is a classroom that is transformed into an active learning workshop for all who enter.

The school's abundant natural educational resources promote active play by the child. There are no battery-operated toys or screen devices. Instead, the classrooms are filled with a variety of beautiful wooden blocks, wooden vehicles, peg dolls for children to decorate, and other natural toys which promote imaginative play. Outdoor play is integral to each day, with extended recess opportunities on lush meadow land. The playground is manufactured from splinter-free and chemical-free Northern White Cedar.