Slate School is sited on lush 25 acre grounds, surrounded by natural resources including woods, meadows, and organic gardens.

Slate School is designed to be one of the most environmentally-friendly schools in the country. The campus is free of pesticides and fertilizers, and all buildings are free of formaldehydes, VOCs, lead, and other toxic chemicals. The school cleaning supplies are natural. The school is constructed of the highest quality environmentally-focused building materials, and the playground is made of untreated cedar wood, and untreated wood chips are used for the ground covering.

In accordance with the American Lung Association’s recommendations, Slate School maintains a fragrance-free environment to promote a safe and healthy place to work and to learn. Slate School expects that staff and students remain free of scented products.

Slate School's classrooms are filled with natural wooden furniture as well as natural wooden toys, wooden blocks, peg people, play silks, and a variety of natural loose parts. The children's art supplies include beeswax crayons, modeling beeswax, eco-friendly glue, among other materials. The children also produce their own art supplies such as fruit-based dyes and homemade clay.

We believe that educators should provide children with an opportunity to appreciate and care for their environment, and the school's responsibility is to ensure a healthy environment for each child. The children will help to establish and care for an organic garden on school grounds. All school-provided snacks are plant-based and certified organic.