At our end-of-year celebration, Slate in Bloom, parents Andrea and Kelly Nezat shared thoughts about their family’s experience at Slate School:

We are so grateful to Slate School for daring to bring to life such an amazingly inspired and well-conceived program for children. I know that I speak for all of us parents when I say that this is an extraordinary school that is so needed, not only for our children, but for society in general.

I am personally amazed at the level of dedication, knowledge and skill that Julie, Grace, Katy, and Catherine bring to this incredible approach to education. They are putting into daily practice philosophies, theories, and concepts that focus on the development of the whole being: mind, body, spirit, and soul. It is one thing to aspire to support these wonderful young souls with big ideas (we all have them), and it is quite another to be able to apply this vision every day with every one of our children.

I know that I speak for many, if not all parents, when I say that my child has grown and developed in wonderful ways since being part of Slate school’s community. He loves being at school. He’d love to stay hours longer! How many kids want to actually stay at school later than they are required to? It is a testament to the nurturing environment that you all have created, including the amazing parents, that this passion for learning is being developed.

As parents, we are deeply grateful for an experience that will go forward with my son and all of these wonderful children, for the rest of their lives. We are excited to be a part of this grand adventure at Slate School, and we are ever more excited to be a part of a growing community of child-centered learning. Thank you once again for offering such a powerful place for our children to become the amazing souls that they are here to be.
— Andrea and Kelly Nezat, Parents, Slate School